Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen a dramatic increase among women physicians on social media, speaking out openly about gender-related issues and challenges. One of the biggest players in this space is the #WomenInMedicine hashtag, which is used to mark conversations and to follow the Sunday night Women in Medicine Twitter Chat. The rise of this hashtag’s popularity and use has been rapid and substantial. Here are a few highlights about the community, the leaders, and the topics that are so important.

First, the players. Here’s a collage of the many users who have interacted with the hashtag over the past six months (this data snapshot begins on January 1, 2018). See yourself? I see lots of women physicians advocating for change, as well as many male colleagues joining the conversation. In some cases, a few of these gents are top influencers, advancing the growth of the #WomenInMedicine community (you’ve seen #HeForShe, right?).

influential women in medicine

How active are these women physicians and their colleagues (including professional organizations, women who are not physicians, and men who are participating)? Here’s a visual of activity over time, starting in January. Every day has significant activity around #WomenInMedicine, and some days have nearly 2000 tweets!

women in medicine activity

Overall, here are the summary stats: nearly 70,000 unique tweets, and nearly 20,000 unique participant accounts. Over 200 million impressions, with lots of visual data and links to articles being disseminated.

strong voices of women in medicine

What are the related hashtags? If you are engaging with #WomenInMedicine, there’s a good chance you are using these connected hashtags as well. If you have a message you’d like to share with communities similar to #WomenInMedicine, here are a few additional hashtags to use in your posts, or follow in your feed. Bigger nodes are used more frequently.

hashtags related to women in medicine #womeninmedicine


People sometimes get turned off by the term ‘influencer’ in social media, as if it is some kind of popularity contest. I show this pie chart simply to emphasize that this is a community almost exclusively comprise of physicians. Remember, this represents 6 months worth of activity for this hashtag, and the influencers are determined by an algorithm that takes into account which users tweet the most, have the most followers, get the most conversations going (replies), get the most engagement (likes, retweets), and tweet about other closely related subjects and hashtags (therefore, relevant to the topic overall and not simply this hashtag).

influential women in medicine

Who started this phenomenon? Who is putting in the sweat equity to grow the community? Here are the top 10 user accounts interacting with #WomenInMedicine. You can see Dr. Petra Dolman – the founder – has been working hard!! Congratulations to you, Petra! She is getting enormous support from the other physicians listed here. Notice that #7, 8, and 9 are men – kudos to you guys for your efforts in sharing and adding to these conversations.


influential women in medicine influential women in medicine #WomenInMedicine

So there it is! A rapidly growing community talking about their professional challenges, successes, and agendas for change. If you know women physicians or their advocates that might like to join this movement, please share this.

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