Kajabi as an email service provider (and more!)

Kajabi isn’t really what most people think of when they think “email service provider” – but maybe they should! I have Kajabi listed several times in my resources and tech recs pages because, well, it does a LOT! I use it as the primary platform for my online courses, so I recommend it as a customer and as an affiliate partner*. As they say on the website, Kajabi contains all the features you need to build a highly successful Knowledge Commerce business, and I agree.

What makes Kajabi a strong contender as an email marketing platform? Several reasons, and the surprise at the end of this list is pricing (nope, it’s not free).

Kajabi is super simple, just like the email you’re used to sending. They don’t have a bunch of fancy templates, but they do have the ability to customize text, add links, insert emojis, and essentially have a very clean and simple look. This means you really don’t have to learn how to do anything! Are you already using Gmail or a similar platform for your personal email? Super – basically, you already know how to use Kajabi ! Want to add buttons that lead directly to a registration or purchase checkout page? Got it. Want to embed an image or even a video? Done. Simple.


Kajabi has powerful segmentation and automation.

You can tag your audience by just about any action – opening an email, signing up for a webinar, opting in to a specific freebie, opting in to a different specific freebie, taking a course, finishing a specific lesson or assessment in your course, clicking a link, NOT clicking a link, and on and on. Kajabi allows you to send email to everyone, or just to specific people. That’s segmentation. Most email service providers offer this to some degree, but Kajabi takes it up a notch. The beauty here is that the tags allow you to decide what to send next, and importantly, what NOT to send. After all, you don’t want to send a promotional email about a product or event to the people who have already signed up or purchased it – that’s confusing! Because all of your events and products are also housed within Kajabi this truly is a unique functionality that goes far beyond providing a way to send emails to your subscribers.

Kajabi has analytics so you can see what works.

What are people opening? What are they clicking? What are they watching? Did they almost buy something? Send an email reminder that they left something in the cart. Did they download a freebie? Send a valuable follow-up. Having all of this built in to the platform is remarkably powerful when it comes to nurturing your audience and eventually, to monetizing your website. (Did I mention that your entire website – including your blog, courses, and other pages – can be created entirely within Kajabi?)

Kajabi analytics are comprehensive – they include email info, but they include more! You can view an individual member to easily see which products they’ve purchased, their payment history, how many times they’ve logged in, etc. You can also type notes here to record specific interactions with the member.


Kajabi offers a consistent experience for you and your audience

It’s beautiful to have a storefront that matches your blog and your website overall. It’s great to have opt-in forms and landing pages and checkout pages that match, too. Repeat customers can access all of your courses or membership communities in a single location. You can sell your virtual products on their own pages, and you can combine them into a comprehensive store page. No third party plug-ins to achieve any of this functionality, and nothing feels pieced together.

And for you, on the inside, you get clear and effective templates for building these parts of your business website. Build out entirely automated marketing campaigns with the click of a button with prebuilt templates for product launches, sales campaigns, webinars, and just about anything you can think of.

You know those webinar replays you want to host? Do it right inside Kajabi . You can even use the replay page as a way to collect email address, and direct your viewers from the replay to your relevant paid content without complicated clicks or the need for email follow-up (though you can obviously do that too!).

You know those PDFs or other downloadable freebies you want to use as an email lead magnet? Host them in Kajabi and deliver them seamlessly to your readers when someone opts in. Create a membership site that is 100% private and launch it in literally 5 minutes. It’s sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Kajabi even works with your Google Drive or Dropbox if you want, so you can easily connect documents and visuals and keep your cloud-based organization you already love.


Kajabi is a great all-in-one solution


As I mentioned, Kajabi isn’t free, but if you understand what you’re getting, you realize it is a really good deal. Kajabi is excellent! And, it does a complete job so you don’t have to stitch together a bunch of different service providers and platforms. You can get your domain name, web hosting, website builder, payment portal, landing pages, opt-in and pop-ups, email service provider, analytics, membership sites, online courses, and more all in a single platform. When you do all the math and the homework, you’ll realize this is a truly great bargain. But, doing all the math and homework takes time and might cost money to try, so Kajabi saves you there too. Kajabi has tiered pricing to meet your growing needs, and is very reasonable – especially for all of the included functionality – even if you’re just starting out.


Kajabi has highly responsive support

You can get quick and really helpful service from Kajabi via email, phone, chat, and within an engaged Facebook community. They are almost always immediately available, and when they aren’t they get back to me within hours. I’ve been really impressed. Plus, they have a knowledge center built into the admin area, so information is really easy to find.

Even if you aren’t ready to set up courses, give out free resources, or create membership sites, it’s important to think about what you want to do eventually, because it’s easier to scale with a product or platform that is already built for what you want to do.

Here’s my advice about what to consider as you build your website:

OK, that’s my two cents on Kajabi as an email service provider and more. If you want to see how my course website looks, click here. If you try them out, drop me a line and let me know what you think! Here’s a link to my other tech recs and resources. I share my thoughts about website and social media tools as well as products to help you create the best audio and video content. If you’re considering a particular platform or product and want to know what I think, drop me a note. If I’ve tried it out, I’ll be happy to tell you what I’ve learned.

*What’s an affiliate? This means I earn a commission when someone signs up through my links. Of course, this doesn’t cost you anything extra, and sometimes my affiliate partnerships actually allow me to offer better deals than you can find elsewhere. Either way, I only recommend products that I know and like, and I’ll give you my honest opinion always.

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