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Healthcare social media is on the rise, and for good reason. Yet, many doctors and healthcare leaders are cautious about social media and other online platforms.
There are many important questions around the best way to engage with others online and how to minimize risk from digital activity and visibility.

Why should doctors use social media? How should physicians use social media in healthcare? Are there risks to using social media in healthcare?

One key reason to use social media in healthcare is that professional success depends heavily on personal branding, enhanced visibility, and strategic networking.

It’s unfortunate but true – your work, your genius, your expertise simply does not speak for itself.

People have to take notice of you, and be able to find you easily.

When they find you, they need to see you at your best, with key highlights front and center (or more specifically, at the top of the search engine results).

If you aren’t using social media strategically, you’re leaving your digital footprint to chance. There’s no opt-out. In fact, you’re already online, whether you’re active or not. Have you Googled yourself lately? Just like your search results, digital strategy isn’t limited to social media – it includes blogs, websites, and other online platforms. Wouldn’t it be nice to influence your search results? You can.

Another key reason to use healthcare social media is that it benefits patients to get high quality information written by real experts in the place where they are already seeking information – online! If you have educational information or research to share, you can have a greater impact by strategically disseminating it online.

So, how should doctors use social media? What are the specific risks of using healthcare social media, and how can doctors avoid social media mistakes? A great online strategy is essential for both results and for liability. This book will help you get started!


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The Social Prescription

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