It’s the #TrueValuesChallenge! Come on over to Twitter and participate in this challenge that offers two easy-to-love values and asks you to choose the ONE that matters most to you. This is a great exercise – if you do the hard thinking and reflection, you’ll learn so much about yourself! And if you follow along on Twitter, you’ll learn a lot about your colleagues too. This short video explains the challenge – the rules, the rationale, and the first challenge results!

Values guide our decisions, behaviors, and internal harmony. Most of them sound great. It’s easy to consider one and say ‘yes, I value that’ and say the same thing about another. But values don’t have equivalent importance. They are ranked, thought often subconsciously.

The purpose of this is to bring awareness and deliberateness to the identification of our most important values. It’s fine to value both in the daily poll, but you’ve got to choose just ONE winner.

You are taking the easy way out if you say:

1. Value X will give me Value Y, and therefore I can have both, or

2. Value X is just an illusion and cannot be attained, or

3. I value both X and Y the same amount

Nope, nope, nope!

Take the first challenge, for example. Autonomy vs Stability. Read the replies. Lots of folks are avoiding the deep thinking and introspection required to make an actual choice. Try it for yourself! And then, tag a colleague, and come back for more 🙂

Why did I create this challenge? I’m prepping for a women physicians retreat that involves some heavy career/life re-design. This kind of exercise is always part of the pre-work. I thought it would be fun to see what a broader audience thinks about these. And it is!

If you have a suggestion of two values you’d like to see head to head, drop me a note (or even better, a tweet!).

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