Healthy Entitlement and Why You Probably Need More – Episode 43

Healthy Entitlement and Why You Probably Need More – Episode 43

Do you struggle to advocate or negotiate for yourself (but aren’t at all afraid to speak up for someone else)? Are you afraid of being perceived as overconfident, greedy, or pushy?

If you’re worrying too much about how others might view you, or if you have trouble finding the mindset or words to advocate for yourself, this episode is for you.

In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:
• Styles of negotiation, and a critical mindset shift
• How self advocacy manifests in professional opportunities (or lack thereof) – it’s not just money!
• “Healthy entitlement” – what it means, and how you can use it

Today we’re going to be talking about everyday negotiation situations. Inspired by a question asked at a virtual conference I attended. Selena Rezvani was the speaker, and she asked us: “What is the number one word that comes to mind, for you, when you think of advocating for yourself?” The responses (and her follow-up) were too good to not share.

This episode explores why professional women think the way we do about how we show up and ask professionally. After this episode, you’ll think of self advocacy, negotiation, and healthy entitlement in an entirely new way.

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