After the teamwork post, I received some emails asking about Crisis Resource Management. I suppose in my bubble of patient safety and simulation, this is a familiar theme. For some, it may be a new idea. I recommend going right to the original pioneers who adapted these concepts from aviation and molded them for medicine (anesthesiology, specifically). Who are those experts? One of the most famous is David Gaba at Stanford. He wrote the book, literally. Over the past few decades, his group has continued to make great strides in disseminating these ideas. Here’s a recent image from their collection, and a link back to their website, where you can explore and download free information for implementing these principles in your own practice or educational program.

*Stanford make the content of the Emergency Manual available to the public under a Creative Commons attribution-no commercial-no derivatives license. See the website for details – you can use it and copy it if you cite it, but you can not change it and may not profit from it.

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