Do you need anything special for great-looking video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, IGTV, and even Twitter? I guess because I find it easier to go live than to carefully write a post, I prefer to just get on and give my unfiltered thoughts. So, people ask me this all the time! Do you need any equipment?

The short answer is not much – you need yourself, and you need your phone, device, laptop, or webcam obviously. But there are ways to make your videos more pleasing to the eye, which may make folks linger on them a bit longer, which is good for your content and for your rankings in the algorithms. The primary categories are lighting and sound.

equipment for live video on facebook

For audio, you can’t beat a Bluetooth Jabra, in my opinion. This one is a little fancier, with great battery life and a cute little stand – it’s the one I have.

Naturally, Bose has an equivalent that promises incredible sound but also the ability to use as your microphone, which is essential. I like these device options because they are invisible to the audience and they are especially helpful for laptop-based webinars when the computer speaker just isn’t going do the trick.

It’s not a bad idea to invest in a discreet headset for your phone, though, if you want better quality without breaking the bank, and with much more portability. It’s hard to go wrong with Apple in-ear AirPods but there are also a variety of less expensive (and highly rated) imitators on the market. I can’t speak to the quality, of those.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I buy almost everything on Amazon. Also, I’m signed up for Amazon Smile – you should too, because they donate a portion of your spending to the charity of your choice!) However, the Amazon market is flooded with items from brand names I’ve never seen before. So, I usually go for the brands I know, even if they cost a bit more.

For lighting, you can go minimalist, or you can go big! It depends a bit on whether you’d like to be portable, or you want to set up a semi-permanent studio. You can get little ‘selfie ring’ lights that clip to your phone. These are great, tiny, and very portable. If you want to go for more of a studio setup, you can get combinations of stands with ring lights. On the larger end, you can buy an 18 inch diameter ring light – including an extra thin version – these come with a phone clip for the center of the ring light, as well as multiple filters and dimming settings. You can buy a separate light diffusor if you like that soft glow effect. They do make these in a variety of sizes, like this 10 inch version.

I have a smaller set-up with a 5.7inch light on a stand, complete with an adjustable phone clip – it’s portable, and it does the job when I’m giving a webinar in the evening.

I also have a little selfie ring – it’s so portable, which is great for me since I am often on the road and still want to do a decent video post from a hotel room. You can also get double-duty with a clip or stand that has an adjustable selfie light ring and a phone holder (functions like a selfie stick or tripod). I don’t have this, but you can get a similar item with different filter colors for a warm or cool lighting effect as well.

It’s nice to have something to hold your phone – shaking makes for a terrible viewing experience, and it’s a pain to have to prop your phone up. For that reason, you might like one of these combo gadgets, or you can get an inexpensive little tripod with flexible legs.

One final gizmo I love – totally unrelated to social media video, but helpful to keep my tech organized at my desk – is this riser with 4 usb chargers, and if you use an HP (which I have for work), this docking station is a lifesaver.

Overall, I’d say pay attention to the light and sound, and you’ll be just fine without a big investment. A few of these gadgets can help you look a little more polished. Natural lighting by the window is great, especially in the morning. Minimize ambient sounds, obviously. And, take a moment or two to be sure your backdrop is clean and without distractions. You don’t need a Martha Stewart living room behind you, but look out for open bathroom doors, heating grates on the ceiling, etc. Don’t wear crazy patterns or otherwise distracting clothes or jewelry. And have fun!! It’s better to just go ahead and get out there, and don’t worry about whether it is perfect!


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