Comprehensive and efficient physician-centric digital strategy for serious professionals.


There are many critical reasons that modern physicians simply must be online. You’re probably way behind. We can fix that.

As a physician leader, you may want to:

  • recruit better candidates to your practice

  • establish expertise and credibility for yourself or your group

  • get breaking research and healthcare news in real time

  • know what your patients are reading online

  • find research collaborators, get research inspiration

  • educate the public

  • increase the effectiveness of your political advocacy

  • manage your online reputation

social media for doctors, online reputation management for physicians

This course is for healthcare leaders who

1) recognize the need to control their online presence, and

2) need a strategic plan aligned with organizational and professional goals, but:

  • don’t have the time to learn or dedicate to implementation

  • don’t know that they can easily change what google displays about them

  • lack critical knowledge about search engine optimization

  • can’t afford to make mistakes that live forever on the internet

Don’t waste time or take risks.

You’ll get a step by step formula for success AND a roadmap to prevent blunders that hurt your professional credibility.

Here’s a preview of the curriculum, which includes live sessions and go-at-your-pace modules:

My fast and easy “get started” action plan, including

  1. The 4 absolute minimum steps to take immediately

  2. Step-by-step walk through for setting up a professional social media account: zero prior experience needed

  3. Avoiding the three common mistakes that are health care social media “never events”

Best practices for creating a professional and consistent web identity

  1. Crafting a compelling value proposition for your profile/bio

  2. Ensuring consistency across platforms, and why it is important

  3. What to include (and what to never do!) on your profile

Connecting with others and making an impact

  1. Simple, no-fail growth strategy – an exact blueprint for your success

  2. Getting the right followers – targeted to your goals

  3. Etiquette and use – “alphabet soup” explained

  4. Harnessing hashtags and influencers

Sounds like a lot to do? It isn’t!

I include these free bonuses to show you exactly how to automate and simplify the process, to get maximum impact in minimal time:

  • Blogging without starting a blog; web presence without a website

  • (Almost) effortless platform growth techniques

  • Strategic analytics to easily measure your influence and monitor engagement

  • Productivity secrets to get a week’s worth of work done in just minutes

  • Best practice guidelines to increase how often people read and share your content

online reputation control for doctors social media and web training for physicians

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Why did I create this course? Frankly, I get so many requests from colleagues and other physicians to help them get social media savvy. I’ve already devoted countless hours to this, because I believe it is so important. With such tremendous demand, I simply don’t have enough hours to volunteer, and I can’t keep up with one-on-one consulting for everyone who wants it (though I do still offer that on a limited basis – email me if you are interested). The right social media and web strategy will amplify the impact of your expertise, whether to advance a healthcare cause or your own career – or both!

Let’s get started.

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