Social media LIVE streaming is something we see on a daily basis while scrolling through our newsfeeds, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And, most people realize that video enjoys preferred status in many of the social media algorithms, so it’s more likely to be seen compared with uploading a photo or prerecorded video post. However, with all the new scheduling tools available, are these videos actually LIVE? More than you probably know, social media LIVE streaming isn’t really live at all. In fact, for some years now, the terms of service for Facebook allows live streaming of prerecorded content. So, the question is:

Will this be a game changer for Social Media or totally backfire?

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If you do plan to go live (or even if you intend to stream prerecorded video, or simply post a video file), be sure to check out my post Five Tips To Maximize Your Live Videos on Social Media.

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