Hey all, here’s a special announcement about a Facebook LIVE video series on healthcare and social media.

Should doctors use social media? How should doctors use social media? What about other healthcare professionals? Hospital systems and other healthcare organizations should definitely be using social media. And yet, medicine seems to be way behind other professions and industries in terms of savvy social media use.

There are dozens of important reasons that physicians should be on social media in some way or another, or at least, generating a deliberate digital footprint via their own practice webpage, a personal blog or website, or even a few high-ranking professional sites such as LinkedIn and Doximity. How can a powerful online presence help private practice physicians? Private practice physicians can use social media for networking, referrals, and many patient-oriented activities beyond simply marketing. Academic physicians can use social media for so many important applications, including research or education collaboration, efficiently staying up to date on healthcare news (and misinformation that patients are hearing or reading!).

All doctors should know what to avoid online – such as how to respond to negative comments or reviews, and how to stay out of trouble with either the law (HIPPA) or their organizations. So, leading up to a series of workshops and presentations I’m giving this fall, I’m going to get my own practice on the latest social media trend – Facebook LIVE.

Please pop on over to my newly created professional Facebook page where these videos will be hosted, and where you can follow/like the page to get notifications when the next live session is scheduled.

Please join me during the live broadcasts, and add your comments so we can have a live dialogue! If you are catching the replay, please still give your comments and feedback, to help me know what is most important to you, so I can give you more of it. Until the end of October, this blog will be mostly focused on social media in healthcare. Thank you for being part of this fun and educational curriculum, and if you are a regular blog subscriber, I hope you’ll enjoy this slight detour in topic. Hope to see you LIVE!

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