Looking forward to a great trip to sunny California!
First stop, Stanford, for a collaboration about cognitive error and cognitive aids. You’ve probably caught wind of the EMIC – the Emergency Manual Implementation Collaborative. As part of the educational efforts of the Stanford group, I’m partnering to help create a video to teach strategies to prevent cognitive error in anesthesiology management and diagnostic decisions. Looking forward to this creative process, and visiting the gorgeous Stanford campus.

Next, the Society for Education in Anesthesia, to discuss milestones, competency, and quality of resident education. Current trends seem to be “flipping the classroom” and “entrustable professional activities” – very hard to understand these EPAs consistent with our billing and supervisory obligations, and in the context of patient safety efforts. And yet, we all have to learn.

Finally, to the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting!
I’ll be giving a panel discussion on using simulation for quality endeavors in education, ongoing practice, and hospital systems. I will also be facilitating a workshop on responding to critical events, both in terms of risk management as well as “second victim” stress responses in caregivers. Finally, I’m giving my refresher course lecture – this year with a special designation for MOCA Patient Safety CME credit – on cognitive error and diagnostic decision making. I will also be squeezing in a few committee meetings and meet candidates at the resident recruitment session. Can’t wait for the alumni receptions for UCLA and for MGH, where we’ll be honoring my friend and mentor, Jeff Cooper.

I’ll post a roundup, but I can’t promise it will be timely. I will have to catch my breath and recover in time to run the Marine Corps Marathon the following weekend!

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