The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia meeting at the Camelback Inn in Phoenix was a treat! Beautiful setting, delicious food. I taught two workshops on simulation for MOCA (Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology), with the aim of preparing board certified anesthesiologists for the simulation portion of the recertification process.

We did a few emergency scenarios using generously donated CAE equipment, and then engaged the group with some Crisis Resource Management debriefing. We discussed the “Advocacy/Inquiry” language model, as well as the “Two Challenge Rule.” Plus, we addressed strategies to recruit and utilize help most effectively.

Also, I led an “Ask the Experts” session on Simulation for MOCA and licensure. A lot of folks had questions about what to expect in terms of format, and whether the simulation component is an exam. Nope – at least for now, it is an experiential learning session. Participation and attestation is the only requirement.

Thanks for having me, SAMBA!

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