What does it take to stay relevant professionally and to get ahead today? This episode isn’t specific to the medical field but is extremely applicable regardless. You see with the ever changing dynamics of business and medicine, there are certain things we must do to grow and evolve with the times, and to place our brands in the best light.

I recently read two articles of general career advice that I felt dove-tailed into the topic of branding very nicely. The first was “To Create Your Own Luck, Do Any 1 of These 5 Things” by Jeff Haden and the second “How to Reimagine the Second Half of Your Career” by Jeff Gothelf.

In the first, the Mr. Haden discusses the phenomenon of luck as it pertains to entrepreneurship and business. So many successful people are either perceived as having had a “lucky” break or they themselves attribute their success to luck. But how much of that “luck” was true coincidence and circumstance and how much relates to habits of behavior that successful people have developed?

He goes on to describe certain things that everyone can do to manufacture their own luck. He gets specific on how 5 certain behaviors can dramatically increase the chances of getting lucky.

The second article is all about the ways in which to better and reimagine the second half of your career. Mr. Gothelf’s core message was that to become “forever employable”, no matter if that is for yourself with clients or for your employer you have to have a certain mindset and cultivate certain qualities.

“I think it’s interesting to think about this concept of taking many, many chances because today we’re really struggling with having too much to do and one of the most… modern bits of career advice… circulates around this idea of learning to say no.”

– Marjorie Stiegler



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In this Episode:

[00:42] Welcome back for a round up of great business advice I’ve recently read.

[01:48] Why you can and should make your own luck.

[03:15] Learn the five things you should do to create your own luck.

[06:41] What ‘lucky’ people ask for.

[08:48] Ways you can apply these five things to your own life.

[10:18] What will the rest of your career look like?

[11:33] Learn more about becoming “forever employable.”

[12:36] Why entrepreneurialism is important regardless of whether or not you have your own business.

[13:35] The role of self-confidence in your brand and career.

[16:25] What it means to continuously improve and reinvent yourself

[19:33] Be intentional about where you’re going and be willing to act immediately.

[20:15] If you’ve loved these articles, take a minute and check out the Branding Playlist!

[20:57] Have you heard about the Branding Prescription Course? Now accredited for 18 hours of CME!

Links and resources:

“To Create Your Own Luck, Do Any 1 of These 5 Things” by Jeff Haden

“How to Reimagine the Second Half of Your Career” by Jeff Gothelf

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