What is professional branding? Most people think of branding is a marketing concept, but in my view it is really a communication tool. Your brand influences your professional reputation, and you can influence that reputation by making sure your best achievements are highly visible. Your professional brand is an articulation of who you are, what value you bring, what you want to be known for – and what you should be know for! In short, is what they’re saying about you what they should be saying about you?

personal branding and professional branding for doctors

Nowadays more and more people are trying to establish their professional brand. They’re making a deliberate effort to understand how branding works. Whether it’s to grow their medical practice, accelerate their academic career, or have a successful side gig with entrepreneurial endeavors, all careers can benefit from effectively conveying the most important professional value. That’s the essence of professional branding. It’s a really good idea.

Watch this video to see more about what professional branding is, and what it isn’t. As a spoiler, professional branding is NOT a false narrative. It’s not tricky or deceitful in any way. It’s a win-win, making sure that people with passions and talents are matched with the employers or clients who want those unique skills.

Here are the elements of a successful professional brand:


These days, it’s so easy to get lost in all the noise. I’ve written before about the importance of professional visibility and about personal branding. I’ve even included other videos (like my favorite – Elf on a Shelf video) on personal branding on this blog. It may seem like a trend, but really, professional branding is just a modern interpretation of classic business networking principles.

A crisp, clear, succinct, and memorable articulation of your value will help you become a magnet for opportunities that are perfect for you!

Video spoiler: professional #branding is NOT deceitful. It's win-win, matching passions/talents with the employers/clients who want those unique skills. Watch what branding IS and ISN'T here: https://wp.me/p4MeGD-UJ Click To Tweet


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