Don’t know what to do because there’s just too much to do? I get it. The mission creep is crazy. The lists are endless, and you never feel ‘done’. No matter how hard you work, you’ve got a feeling like you’re only half-succeeding, and drowning in a bunch of stuff that you’re not sure how you got stuck with in the first place.

If that sounds familiar, you need a detox! And I’ve got just the thing: the #5Days5Ways Schedule Detox!

5 Days 5 Ways Schedule Detox

5 days of strategic overhaul for everything that’s cluttering up your bandwidth and spilling over your plate. One short and simple (but powerful!) lesson each day, conveniently in your inbox. Implementing takes just minutes. Results can be drastic! And you’ll be equipped to do it again and again, reclaiming your time and your joy.

Normally, I wouldn’t mention this as the entire focus of a blog post. But I don’t want you to miss it. And you’re getting close.

These strategies work. I know it, because I’ve seen it happen right before my eyes at TransforMD 2019 and 2020. And I know this can work for you.

It’s free. There’s nothing to lose except a big ball of stress over stuff you don’t want to be doing anyway! Come sign up and join us for the #5Days5Ways Schedule Detox – see you there!


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