Are you feeling overlooked at work? Somehow not among the candidates when that dream job opens up? Wondering how to land the job you want?

It probably sounds familiar. You’ve worked hard, filled your CV with lots of great accomplishments and relevant experience, but you still seem to just be invisible when there’s an opportunity for the role you want. You’re not alone. In a recent Twitter poll, I saw that many many women in medicine (and men, too!) are frustrated by a lack of a clear path forward or an inability to get the specific position or promotion they want. In particular, one woman wrote: “So frustrating when I’ve put in the years, built the resume, and constantly getting looked over…”

So, this video addresses 4 highly effective strategies for landing the job you want. #1 is inspired by the most important thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur. It’s the key to thriving, profitable business (I’ve had my own for 10+ years now) – and I think it is the key to getting the employed position you want too! 2-4 are a blend of things I’ve learned from my own businesses, from teaching online strategy, and from my role as I transitioned from academics to industry (without prior experience, a new degree, or a pay cut). As I mention, I don’t know details about the physician who asked me this question – the inspiration for this video – so I’m speaking broadly. But, I hope that will actually help many more people apply these strategies – maybe even to help YOU get the job you really want!

In this episode, I mention professional branding, reverse engineering, and how to leverage LinkedIn and other online communities for more effective networking (the kind that helps you land the job you want!).

I also scratch the surface of a few strategies that are outside the scope of this short video, but that we do in a hands-on, personalized way with you at the TransforMD Mastery Retreat. (At the time of this posting, we still have a few spots for the 2020 retreat; registration is open only until September 9th).

As always, send your questions about career success to me, and I just might feature yours on a future Q&A.. You can reach me on Twitter or Facebook, or simply drop me an email.

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