Why aren’t you getting asked to speak? Probably not the reasons you think – and this is good news! There are a few key reasons most people think are standing in their way, but in fact, it’s almost never those reasons. At least, not exactly.

So if you’ve ever thought that you aren’t getting speaking opportunities because someone else is already a well-known expert, think again. Or, if you’ve thought that people just aren’t interested in your topic, have another look. This video breaks down three very common reasons that aspiring speakers identify as barriers to getting more speaking invitations. I’ll tell you what they are, and what I think the real reason might be instead (plus, of course, what to do about that!).


As I mention in this video about getting more speaking opportunities, I’m really excited for the upcoming Association of Women Surgeons’ Signature Speaker Series kickoff at their annual meeting this October. It’s by competitive application only – ten spots, and only for women surgeons. They’ve asked me to be their coach for this first year – it’s a brand new program to level-up the speaking skills of mid-career, successful academic surgeons – so that’s a huge honor and privilege.

But I know there are lots of interested people who weren’t selected, or don’t happen to be surgeons or women, so I’m opening a special cohort of The Speaking Rx at the same time. This is a really great course, so come check it out and get your name on the list right now. I’d love to see you on the inside!

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