Is there a way to include a link in your Instagram story without having that magic number of followers? Yes!!

I’m sure Instagram is going to change this eventually. Probably sooner rather than later. But at the moment, unless you have more than ten thousand followers, you can’t add a live link to your Instagram posts. Those who do have at least 10,000 followers can use the ‘swipe up’ feature and link an Instagram Story post to an external link.

So, if you want to use your Instagram account to drive traffic to a website, a podcast, a video, or really anything in particular, you have to go with the old ‘link in bio’ (and then be sure that link really does the job!) or you can try this hack. It’s a simple workaround so that you can post a live link to anywhere on the web with just a swipe and a click. (Ok, that’s one extra step – easy!) Now you can add a link within Instagram to any website you want within any of your Instagram stories.

Here’s how:

This quick video will lead you through just a few steps. All you need is an Instagram account, an IGTV account, and a way to record super short video. You can create a new video for each link you want to post in Instagram, or you can create just one teeny tiny super short video that you’ll use every time you want to post a link as long as the landing page is going to contain the new content you want to share. (After you watch this video, you’ll understand this last bit.) Enjoy – now, start linking in your Instagram account with the ‘swipe up in stories’ feature – and maybe that will help your engagement enough to get you to 10,000 followers!!

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add a link to instagram without 10000 followers


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