5 keys to maximize ROI on your social media videos: These are so simple, but many people neglect them. It’s so important to frame up what you intend to deliver, why you have the authority to give advice on this topic, acknowledge your audience, and invite the most valuable participation from the audience! There’s a super-easy format for doing this! Check out my video on the key steps for great video content that gets engagement!


Do you need special equipment? Overall, I’d say pay attention to the light and sound, and you’ll be just fine without a big investment. If you’re interested, a few of these gadgets can help you look a little more polished. Natural lighting by the window is great, especially in the morning. Minimize ambient sounds, obviously. And, take a moment or two to be sure your backdrop is clean and without distractions. You don’t need a Martha Stewart living room behind you, but look out for open bathroom doors, heating grates on the ceiling, etc. Don’t wear crazy patterns or otherwise distracting clothes or jewelry. And have fun!! It’s better to just go ahead and get out there, and don’t worry about whether it is perfect!


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