In case you missed it, the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Annual Meeting was last week, and the ASA made an effort to engage the membership in social media efforts. There were a variety of posts and promotions intended to connect attendees around the hashtag #ANES2013. Read on for stats and highlights…


There was a much bigger engagement this year compared to ASA 2012!

Last year, #ANES2012 was tagged in a grand total of 952 tweets. There may have been some confusion, because the “unofficial” #ASA2012 also generated about 50 tweets.

This year, a few folks (talkin’ to you, @uab_anesthesia – promoting their awesome turnout for the @Hope4Warriors 5K) started out using #ASA2013 (n=75) but most climbed on board the #ANES2013 train in short order, generating a total of 3108 tweets.


Regarding the Hope4Warriors 5K, we also saw twitter action from @PennAnesthesia and @Duke_Anesthesia (No hashtag! I had to dig these up on my own.)


Top contributors

Among the 356 unique accounts that contributed to this meeting, @paulhting gave us 180 tweets while @jmckeownmd dished out 136. Rising social media star @barco030 sent a whopping 509. Two other top contributors were @cjpoynter with 224 tweets and @csc16 with 194 tweets. All five of these individuals beat the ASA effort for tweeting at last year’s meeting (173 tweets). Maybe due to the increase in individual efforts, @ASAlifeline scaled back to 109 tweets this year.

We saw discussion of current topics, controversies, and presentations (These are snapshots so links are not live – sorry! You can find linked content by typing the URL into your browser):


There were a few calls to action, regarding open comments period for the ASA Guidance Document on SEDASYS, and the Anesthesia Quality Institute’s app for incident reporting:


A few compliments and jokes:


Awards! Here are some big winners from this year’s meeting:
[Rankings are taken from third party websites,, and; their algorithms typically based on number and engagement behavior of followers, such as # of retweets, influence of retweeter, # of clicked links, etc.]

Top Tweets:
Can’t Intubate, Can’t Ventilate?

@avkwong got 10,000 impressions with this tweet! Check out the Difficult Airway Society “Basic,” “Low Risk,” and “At Risk” Algorithms:


When does a pre-op ECHO help?
@barco030 shared this slide, resulting in 3000 impressions:


Important considerations for trauma
1000 folks saw this slide from @dura_ac :


The Anesthesia History Association wished everyone a Happy Ether Day:


Most Retweets
@csc16 earned the top tweet spot on October 14, and had the highest number of retweets (26) for any post during the meeting:


Widest Reach
@harriethopfmd wins the prize for widest impact, with her tweet having 45,000 impressions at the time of this writing. View the poster here.


Best pic:


Major themes this year were patient safety, the perioperative physician and the surgical home, and quality improvement. Other emphasized topics included ATLS, ethics, medical education, drug shortages, cognitive performance, and of course, San Francisco! A full transcript is available here.

Is the ASA pleased with the effort this year? I think so, based on this tweet (note: #ANES2013 peaked at #3 shortly after this post):


My tips for beginners:
1. Use hashtags in your tweet as you grow your conversation. This introduces you and your content to folks who are interested in #ptsafety #anesthesia #meded or #hcsm (healthcaresocialmedia) etc. Consider following the folks mentioned in this roundup, since you already know they are active in anesthesiology social media.
2. Posting snapshots of slides during a presentation is cool, but remember to give credit to the speaker!
3. As above, reference the speaker or session when tweeting a conference. This was sometimes lacking at #ASA2013, leaving the reader intrigued, but not sure where to look for more. Bonus points if your speaker is on twitter and you can “tag” them by including their name in the tweet.

What was your favorite session at #ANES2013?


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