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The Branding Prescription

Is this your year to finally make your passion project pay your bills?

A business bootcamp with group coaching, The Branding Prescription is a step-by-step roadmap designed to help position you for success with your professional brand, your side gig, or your new business.

You don’t have to figure it out through trial and error.

You just need a plan with the right strategies.

This course will help you get it right so you can stop wasting time and money.

I want to help you get results! I know how it feels. You’re not alone if you’re spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, throwing away big money to outsource tasks – and afraid to waste even more money when you haven’t been seeing a return on your efforts and investment.
But here’s the thing (tough love coming): you’re probably doing it wrong.

You’ve got something fabulous to offer, but you are practically invisible to the people you want to serve. I can help.

I’ve been there, and I’ve done it.

Here are some of my own results using social media and digital strategy (and please scroll down to hear what other physicians think about working with me):

I launched a retail company in 2009 with just $500. It’s a thriving international business, earning 6 figure revenues every year, despite $0 spent advertising.
Here are a few recent examples of my clients’ success metrics:
  • Website traffic jumped over 60% in 2 months
  • Ambassador program growth of over 150% in 6 months
  • Social media mentions up 705% in 30 days (nope, not a typo!)
Two new launches this year earned more than $75,000 in 6 months with $0 spent on advertising.
Imagine the freedom that comes from earning well over six figures each year from speaking, virtual products, and passive income, so you’re not stuck in that ‘hours for dollars’ tradeoff. It’s incredible.
If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you the results you want, you’re not alone. Most people are making the same mistakes, and many feel unsure where to spend time and effort online.


Here’s what other doctors are saying:

This course helped me focus on the right areas. I was spending so much time scattered all over the internet trying to learn, but now I’m more efficient, productive, and less stressed!

You changed my way of thinking to expand beyond the traditional academic environment – now I’m realizing many more possibilities, and it helped me take a HUGE step towards my goals.

Other courses are not geared for the unique attributes and challenges of physicians.

If you’re on the fence, just jump on over. It’s totally worth it. You will learn more than you thought possible and it will no doubt get you closer to your goals.

Dr. Stiegler does an excellent job to ensure the lessons can be applied in an individualized way.

I chose this course because of you, Marjorie – you are awesome and amazing at what you do! I’d seen your videos, and I had no reservations. I knew it would totally be worth it.

I knew nothing about search engine optimization prior to the course. Knew nothing about on and off page SEO.

Now I look at words differently when thinking about crafting my content.

I created The Branding Prescription to help entrepreneurial physicians like you.

The trainings are released in sequential modules. They consist of easy-to-follow videos and action plans for implementation.

You’ll also have access to live group calls (my Office Hours), and I’ll share additional resources such as swipe files, templates, and recommended reading.

So, what we cover? Here’s an overview:

You’ll learn exactly what to do with your website, your email list, and your other digital assets.

We’ll cover whether you should use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for your business – how to choose the right platforms and what exactly to do with them.

We’ll talk FTC regulations, liability, and how to avoid the mistakes that so many others are making.

Do you know how to convey exactly what you do, who you help, and how that benefits your ideal customer?

You’ll come away understanding how to position yourself in the market:

  1. How to get crystal clear on your brand before you make a huge mess of your business
  2. What is an ‘ideal customer’ – and why you should avoid selling anything to anyone else!
  3. How to differentiate your business and truly stand out from the crowd
  4. How to articulate your products, services, and value – including the four essential elements of any successful brand
  5. Exactly what belongs on your website –and what’s a waste of space
  6. How to establish personal relationships in a noisy digital world
  7. The surprising secret sauce that turns readers into confident and happy buyers
  8. Free and easy ways to do market research and know whether your business idea and model are viable

Personal, professional, and business success on social media are different. Do you have the right strategy?

You’ll understand the purpose of social media for your business, and how to use it strategically:

  1. What almost all start-up and ‘side gig economy’ entrepreneurs get wrong about social media
  2. How social media ‘like for like’ groups destroy your rankings, and what to do instead (without being penalized by search engines)
  3. Why social media is an absolute essential for online strategy – even though Google does NOT use social media for ranking
  4. How to use Instagram for SEO,and whether it’s worth the effort
  5. Pinterest for your business – the #1 sales platform (Pinterest posts lead to sales 50% more often than any other social media platform)
  6. Using contests to skyrocket your social media visibility – how to structure and run events that work (my most successful giveaway resulted in over 10,000 mentions of my business on social media!)
  7. How to optimize Facebook pages, Google +, and LinkedIn – and how they really do benefit your business
  8. Which are the best social media platforms for your business– and why it’s a mistake to try to be everywhere
  9. Repurposing to get the absolute most mileage from your content, even though your followers only see 5% of your posts
  10. What metrics you should focus on for social media and for your website, and which are meaningless

Do you really know what you’re doing with your website? Is it doing what it’s supposed to? Could it be even better?

You’ll finally understand how to make your website and your blog work for you:

  1. How to populate and launch your new websiteessential elements for those just starting out, and those ready to go for a big makeover
  2. How to plan a year of blogging or social media posts to maximize strategy, organization, and efficiency
  3. The key to designing irresistible opt-in offers for growing your email list
  4. What to actually do with your email list
  5. Optimizing video and images for engagement and for search engine optimization
  6. Meta data details: where exactly you should place your keywords and other best practices for your title, slug, and snippet
  7. Blogging 101 for new/aspiring bloggers – and whether yours can make you money
  8. The importance of (almost always overlooked) site structure and internal linking– how and why to get these details right
  9. The best ways to do free and insightful keyword research
  10. How to balance SEO keywords with enticing copy for your customers
  11. A proven formula to reduce your bounce rate and delight your customers at the same time

Are you risking your professional reputation? Are you breaking any laws? Digital marketing and online businesses have regulations and requirements.

Plus, you’ll avoid common mistakes that many physicians make when launching their businesses. We’ll discuss:

  1. Step by step targets for controlling your digital footprint and professional narrative online
  2. Planning, automating, and smart outsourcing –without risking your professional or brand integrity!
  3. Best liability practices for physician entrepreneurs online – following FTC requirements for disclosures
  4. Understanding the delicate balance between virtual physician-patient relationships and your informational/educational website or your non-medical health and wellness business – and how to write the correct disclaimers!

You’ll learn this and much more.

The Branding Prescription will tell you exactly what you should focus on, what you should ignore, and what you should outsource.

Get clear on the right efforts that will advance your business, professional brand, and career.

Leverage the true potential of your website, your blog, and your social media efforts.

Do work you love, and get paid to do it. So you can do more of what lights you up, and less of what burns you out.

That’s the scoop.

Weekly modules of interactive instruction and action plans, plus Office Hours for more help.

12 live weeks during module release, training, and implementation.

Flexibility to work at your own pace and access materials on-demand.

Launch your successful business and professional brand with The Branding Prescription.


Here’s what other doctors are saying:

Dr. Stiegler is a world expert on social media for physicians. I have used her techniques to make the most of the learning and networking opportunities on social media, and they have paid off tremendously.

Your approach to branding, SEO, and social media strategy was very enlightening.

You’ve empowered me to give my passion and message the wings they need to make maximal positive impact on the world.

There’s so much gold in this course.

Just do it, even if you aren’t ready for primetime.

It will move you closer to your goals.

Probably the most powerful change involves the shift in my mindset around my value, both in monetary terms and my power to impact on the lives of others.

Before I enrolled, I did wonder whether the investment would be worth it. Today I know it was actually a great value. I loved the course, and am very happy I did it!

Excellent food for thought. Thanks for opening my mind to a broader way of thinking!

Dr. Stiegler’s strategies helped me transition from academics to a non-clinical career.

She helped me navigate the overwhelming world of branding, social media, and marketing.

She skyrocketed my confidence and the growth of my business.

Marjorie, thank you for your advice regarding speaking and SEO on my website… I did what you recommended, and I’ve been getting lots of speaking requests!

This course gave me clarity on positioning, and I learned about what tweaks need to be made on my website. Plus, the homework kept me focused.

Would you like a preview? Here's what it's like to work with me.

You’ll need a full hour to watch this webinar on branding.

Plus, there are free bonuses at the end you won’t want to miss!

Want to know a bit more? Check out these FAQs:

What exactly are these 'Prescription' live courses?

The Branding Prescription is an interactive, video-based training program that teaches physician entrepreneurs how to grow a successful brand and business. The Social Prescription is a book and an interactive, video-based training program that teaches effective strategies to physicians who want more impact from their online presence. The Speaking Prescription is an interactive, video-based training program that teaches effective strategies to physicians who want to understand the business of professional speaking and position themselves to become a paid speaker.

The trainings are released in sequential modules. They consist of easy-to-follow videos and action plans for implementation. There are also additional resources such as swipe files, templates, and recommended reading. You will need comfort and access with email, Facebook groups, and Dropbox or Google Drive. Each week I'll roll out a few sessions within the module, and each module will build upon the prior releases. You'll have time to watch, to take action, and to get support in office hours. At the end of the course, you'll have made significant progress and you'll be equipped to keep that momentum going in the right direction.

Entrepreneurial endeavors require clarity, vision, specific goals, and the dedication to execute consistently on the right strategies. You can reinvent the wheel, building your dreams through trial and error, but that'll cost you in lost time, wasted money, and unnecessary stress. These courses offer roadmaps and guidance to help fast-track your success and minimize your growing pains.

I teach what I know - I have personal experience and success in these topics. I've built businesses (retail, consulting, and virtual), launched mulitple profitable brands (including passive income business models), and earn 5 figure speaking fees. I'm a practicing physician by choice, but my income doesn't depend on my medical practice. I have the financial freedom to do whatever I want. In short, I walk the talk. I learned a lot through the very trial and error I can help you avoid. I discovered some fabulous strategies by along the way, and have been doing this successfully for decade. You can do this too! I can help.

Why take a course when there's free info online?

Good question! There’s more free information available on every imaginable subject, including the topics in these courses. In fact, my own website and social media pages have lots of free content on bits and pieces of career acceleration training. So, if you already know what you need to know, and you know where to find trustworthy sources, you do not need this course.

But you’d have done that already, right?

I don’t offer any top secret information, but I do offer an organized curriculum, great resources, and specific action plans.

Plus, I'm just like you. Physicians looking to build professional visibility and grow entrepreneurial endeavors are a specific niche. What works in external industry (speaking, marketing, blogging) doesn't necessarily translate for us. I already know that, and bring you the information you need from the lens of a physician like you.

How do I know if this is right for me?

I’m dedicated to providing you with an excellent training experience. However, my courses aren’t right for everyone.

These courses aren't right for you if:

1. You’re looking for a one-on-one business coach. I do try to be responsive, and I offer specific office hours for personalized Q&A time, but this course does not offer specific one-on-one time with you or unlimited access to me for questions and consultations.

2. You already have strong mastery of online marketing principles, such as content creation, traffic generation, brand differentiation, search engine optimization, and strong working knowledge of social media platforms. I also don’t get into granular details relating to legal stuff - taxes, business structure, liability, etc. Even if I mention it as an important component in one of these courses, you need to consult your attorney and your accountant for that kind of expertise. I might share some experiences with you, but it's not legal or financial advice.

3. You want something passive, or aren't fully committed. I pour enormous human effort into my side of the program and I want to work with equally dedicated clients. If you don't intend to execute, this isn't the right course for you.

What's the time investment and tuition?

Who likes to be overwhelmed? Not me, and not you! My courses are specifically designed with your busy and often unpredictable schedule in mind. I'll release the modules at a pace that you can do. And if you need more breathing room, no worries - you'll have lifetime access!

Referral discount: If you refer a colleague who enrolls and pays in full, you'll both get a tuition benefit. Email me for full details.

What about refunds, guarantees, and certificates?

What about CME or a certificate? These courses are intentionally unaccredited, which allows me to be flexible in what I offer and when, and allows me to offer training at a reasonable cost. I am happy to give you a certificate of completion, but there are no official course credits, degrees, diplomas, or CME offered. This course may be tax deductible as a business expense - check with your tax professional.

As with any business or professional endeavor, your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time, dedication, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, I cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor am I responsible for your success or failure. None of my programs are ‘instant results’ schemes - but they do have the information and tools you need to help you achieve your desired results.

I'm certain that you'll find value in this program if you put in the effort. Give it your all for two weeks. If you aren't happy, I'll give you a full refund. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Why are you teaching these courses?

The short answer is because you've asked me to! I reached my absoute maximum capacity for helping friends and even for 1:1 private clients - there was just so much demand. So, I created these courses to help as many people as possible.

More than that, I do this because I love it. I love connecting with others, sharing experiences, and watching success grow. I get a huge amount of satisfaction and joy when my help pays off for someone else. It's my passion - you can see that reflected on my website and social media pages. They're full of videos, posts, tips and recommendations on social media, branding, speaking, writing, and creating success. I give away a huge amount of free content - yours for the taking!

But, many of you want to work more closely with me - you're serious about your own success, career freedom, and personal fulfillment, and I want to help you! I'm thrilled to have a thriving business giving you what you need and doing what I love. In fact, that's my goal for you - for you to earn money doing more of what you love for the people who value you most.

Let's do it!

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