Your work doesn’t speak for itself.

Expertise is essential, but it isn’t enough.

This is uncomfortable and confusing news to many doctors and healthcare leaders.

You’ve trained long and hard, and you continue to work with incredible dedication and sacrifice.

So why do you feel stuck with limited options despite your education and experience? Why aren’t you getting ahead at the pace you deserve? Where are all the career-defining opportunities, and how do you get your chance?

New doctors – you want to feel optimistic and energized, but you see this reality in your most admired mentors, and it’s disheartening.

A powerful professional brand helps you regain control over your work and your life. It positions you to do whatever you want – more of the work you love, and less of what you don’t.

Even if you’re well established in your career, what got you here won’t get you to the next level.

If you’re just starting to make your mark, professional branding will help you grow and succeed more quickly.


If the very word ‘branding’ is rubbing you the wrong way, please read this and this so we’re on the same page.

It’s a common myth, but personal branding is neither sneaky nor selfish.

In fact, personal branding isn’t even all about you.

Effective branding helps people who would benefit from your work and who care about your area of expertise actually find your work.

You believe in the value of your work or you wouldn’t be doing it. That would be a huge waste of time and effort. You’re moving the needle on something important.

So, you’re providing a service by making it easy for others to find you, and raising the visibility of your high-quality contributions.

Plus, you’re raising awareness of your like-minded colleagues who are also doing important work.

This helps colleagues, patients, and the entire healthcare community.

(And yes, it also helps you.)

*What’s The Branding Prescription? I’m so glad you asked!

The Branding Prescription is a step-by-step roadmap designed to help position you for success with your professional brand, your side gig, or your new business.

It’s a 12 week proven action plan for physician entrepreneurs. Part business bootcamp and part live group coaching, the lessons are strategic, practical, and results-oriented.

Why? Doctors have been asking me the same questions day after day for years! So I put my answers to those questions together in one place – it’s all in an online course, with you in mind.

You don’t have to figure it out through trial and error. You don’t have to make costly, predictable, and preventable mistakes.

This course will help you get it right so you can stop wasting time and money.

We cover branding in more depth, as well as business strategy. And we implement as we go, so you’ll learn to leverage websites, social media, and other digital assets to make your branding more powerful.


Let’s get you some real results! I know how it feels. You’re not alone if you’re spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, throwing away big money to outsource tasks – and afraid to waste even more money when you haven’t been seeing a return on your efforts and investment.
But here’s the thing (and it’s good news) – you’re probably doing it wrong.

How is that good news? Because we can fix it. The problem isn’t you or your idea. The problem is in your communication and execution. You’ve got something fabulous to offer, but you are practically invisible to the people you want to serve.


I can help. I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others achieve the same success. You want to know what’s possible, so here are a few examples:

In 2009, I turned $500 into a thriving international retail business, earning 6 figure revenues every year despite $0 spent advertising. More recently, three successive launches earned more than $110,000 in 6 months – with $0 spent on paids ads.

And what about my students’ success? Here are some of their metrics:

  • Website traffic jumped over 60% in 2 months
  • Ambassador program growth of over 150% in 6 months
  • Email list doubled in 6 weeks
  • Social media mentions up 705% in 30 days (nope, not a typo!)
I’m still a practicing physician with a medical ‘day job’ – but I don’t have to be (I work in the OR pro bono). Virtual products and passive income give me the freedom to choose my work.
If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you the results you want, you’re not alone. Most people are making the same mistakes, and many feel unsure where to spend time and effort online. That’s why I created the digital courses.


Here’s what other doctors are saying:

This course helped me focus on the right areas. I was spending so much time scattered all over the internet trying to learn, but now I’m more efficient, productive, and less stressed!

You changed my way of thinking to expand beyond the traditional academic environment – now I’m realizing many more possibilities, and it helped me take a HUGE step towards my goals.

Other courses are not geared for the unique attributes and challenges of physicians.

If you’re on the fence, just jump on over. It’s totally worth it. You will learn more than you thought possible and it will no doubt get you closer to your goals.

Dr. Stiegler does an excellent job to ensure the lessons can be applied in an individualized way.

I chose this course because of you, Marjorie – you are awesome and amazing at what you do! I’d seen your videos, and I had no reservations. I knew it would totally be worth it.

I knew nothing about search engine optimization prior to the course. Knew nothing about on and off page SEO.

Now I look at words differently when thinking about crafting my content.

I created The Branding Prescription to help entrepreneurial physicians like you.

The trainings are released in sequential modules. They consist of easy-to-follow videos and action plans for implementation. I’ll share additional resources such as swipe files, templates, and recommended reading.

You’ll learn exactly what to do with your website, your email list, and your other digital assets.

We’ll cover whether you should use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for your business – how to choose the right platforms and what to do with them.

We’ll also talk FTC regulations, liability, and how to avoid the mistakes that so many others are making.

“Dr. Stiegler is a world expert on social media for physicians. I have used her techniques to make the most of the learning and networking opportunities on social media, and they have paid off tremendously.”

“Before I enrolled, I did wonder whether the investment would be worth it. Today I know it was actually a great value. I loved the course, and am very happy I did it!”

“Marjorie, thank you for your advice regarding speaking and SEO on my website… I did what you recommended, and I’ve been getting lots of speaking requests!”

“Your approach to branding, SEO, and social media strategy was very enlightening.

You’ve empowered me to give my passion and message the wings they need to make maximal positive impact on the world.”

“Dr. Stiegler’s strategies helped me transition from academics to a non-clinical career. She helped me navigate the overwhelming world of branding, social media, and marketing. She skyrocketed my confidence and the growth of my business.”

“Probably the most powerful change involves the shift in my mindset around my value, both in monetary terms and my power to impact on the lives of others.”


Not sure? Let me give you a free eBook about branding.

This book – based in part on The Branding Prescription course* – will explain why doctors should develop a professional brand. It will also walk you through a step-by-step process for creating a professional brand.

No matter who you are or what you hope to achieve, you need highly visible, effective branding and easy-to-find online presence.

Scroll back up and grab your copy, on me. 🙂

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